Amplify Festival

How curiosity and appreciation catalyses imagination

The above sentence has 4 of my favourite words in it (the only two missing would be serendipity and laughter).  

That sentence could suffice as my epitaph….it sums up my life’s work.

So imagine how joyful the serendipitous discovery of a video link featuring design genius Michael Wolff– via Facebook in a post on the wall of John Hagel ( discovered via a comment by Mark Zawacki on another of John’s posts about how red wine and chocolate are scientifically endorsed brain foods in which I was tagged seeing we are all three connected via the upcoming Amplify Festival that I am producing) in which he talks about these very words as “muscles” that he can’t operate without.

Without much further digression…let’s get straight to it. Wonderful stuff.

It’s Mother’s Day in Sydney today, and I have already had a sensory wake-up in the form of the cry of my next-door neghbour’s new-born baby. I was not grumpy….just reminded of what Motherhood means. ( And kids are taking me to see the new French film, Babies, for Mother’s Day!) 

This Mother has been spending far too much time connecting dots digitally lately ( blame the above-mentioned Amplify Festival) that this video’s visual imagery and messages reminded me of how I enjoy looking at the world from the scale of walking with my own two feet and appreciating what is there in front of my eyes. I am going outside right now to enjoy in the crisp autumn air on my skin, look at the ants scurrying on the pavement in and out of cracks delivering breakfast, smell the scent of the waves breaking on Balmoral beach and enjoy the sounds of my home suburb waking up. 

Have a beautiful Sunday, wherever you are. And thank you for taking the time to share a little magic via my blog. Hopefully, I have catalysed your curiosity to take a little exploration too on this day! 





My AMPLIFY team launches The World’s First Smartphone Famine for Amplify

The World’s First Smartphone Famine!

29 March 2011

Could you live without your beloved mobile phone for 24 hours?  Or are you so attached to your inanimate best friend that just the thought of saying goodbye fills you with dread?

Well on May 17 2011 Amplify is putting you to the connectivity sword by organising a 24 Hour Smartphone Famine to raise money for disadvantaged  children in rural communities, who have little or no access to digital communication technologies.

The idea is simple: AMP employees surrender their mobiles, smart phones and tablet computers to go on a ‘digital diet’ for a day, then collect sponsorship from friends and colleagues in return for all their ‘hard work’.  The above movie clip was produced by our own team to promote the idea on our corporate intranet. ( And yes, see if you can spot me! ) 

All funds raised will be donated to One Laptop Per Child – a project which brings educational and connectivity tools to children in remote communities, giving them a access to essential learning resources and a voice in the global conversation.

Want to get involved?

It’s easy for you and your colleagues to get involved in the project by hosting your own Smartphone Famine

Below are some simple steps you can take to create your own event and help bridge the digital divide!

1.       Download our Smartphone Famine Toolkit here

2.       Set a date for your famine. ( And maybe make a similar movie of your own mobile junkies for laughs and to build interest?) 

3.       Get sponsored by your friends and family

4.       Conduct your famine

5.       Deposit your funds at One Laptop Per Child here


For more information on this project contact