This is a personal blog about my work as change agent and innovation catalyst in a large financial services corporation in Australia, and what I’ve learnt along the way, how I still stumble, and the insights and support I share with those of you who share a similar interest and passion. 

I am not blogging in an official capacity or as company representative and any views I express here do NOT represent the views of my company and are entirely my personal perspectives on life and experiences. 

Won’t you join the conversation? Or, e-mail me on maverickwoman at mac dot com



  1. Hi Annalie,

    We’re scheduled to meet on November 4 to talk about innovation or something I know not what. I found your blog through Twitter and I love it! So many of the themes and ideas you discuss resonate with aspects of my own work. I really can’t wait to meet you.

    I’ll write you an email over the weekend to introduce myself. In the meantime, you may be interested in afilm I’ve been writing with a British animator (I doubt that Andrew has mentioned this to you). The film is called ‘Coalition of the Willing’, and you’ll find the WIP blog here.


    Talk soon,
    Tim Rayner

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