Month: January 2014

I’m Back!

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Back in OZ!

I just spent 13 weeks travelling through 20 cities on 3 continents researching the biggest innovation opportunity facing half of the world: The Aging population and how we might live with an extra 25-35 years added to our lifespan”,

and….I’m back on a blog again!

After the Posterous blogging platform croaked beginning 2013, I was faffing around all last year trying to work out if I should buy my own domain (I did), design a bespoke site ( I even spent money on designs, briefs, virtual assistants etc but it all became just too complicated. I am too time-poor to devote a lot of time to learning code and trying to configure so-called easy stuff!) The end-result was I did nothing and a year went by.

Luckily, fate intervened in the form of bronchitis and enforced bed-rest for the next 3 days. So, for some reason, today became the day that I found out how to import my past posterous blog back into this WordPress blog that I started and then deserted for flashier but short-lived toys, way back in 2010.

A great design feature of WordPress is it now offers goals and reminders to help train you through baby steps and tiny habits into regular postings!

I’m aiming for no more than a post a week of my own authentic thoughts, but I have found a little micro-bloggie thingie called Meddler where you can quickly embellish stuff that struck you with a personal comments and share it.

Nice to be back…now, to build an audience from scratch again!