Month: September 2012

Career as your personal business model

I had a blast being the opening speaker for the launch of WITI (Women in Technology International) in Australia last Thursday night in Sydney, and have already made a heap of new friends as a result. 

My topic was “Future-proof yourself”…but really I didnt address that whole topic, only the “Future-proofing your career” part. Future-proofing yourself would mean replacing ageing body parts with mechanical bits, eating a low-fat low-carb diet zero-alcohol diet, and maybe downloading your brain onto the internet regularly – and I am not quite ready to swop champagne interspersed with marathons of stress and creativity for becoming Mrs Methusaleh and living till I’m 600- my pension wont last! 

Several people requested the slides…here they are: 

Thanks for the lovely comments and follow-up emails and phone calls- seems the talk catalysed a great deal of reflection! Magic!

Anyone who wants to stay in touch with disruptive technologies, emerging issues and trends and the cutting edge of business innovation can subscribe to the Amplify Festival website to hear about the awesome thought leaders that we offer every month. Upcoming events in Sydney are: 

19 Sept: “Transforming business from the inside out” with Cindy Gallop (NYC) and Maria Ogneva (SFO)

26 October: “Organisations don’t tweet, people do!” with Enterprise Social Media Strategist and communication coach, Euan Semple

31 October: “How to think like Leonardo da Vinci” with international creativty supercoach, Michael J Gelb

For Melbournians, you can catch a session on 

27 October: Digital innovation in Emerging Economies with Madanmohan Rao

Have a good week!