It takes creativity to unite 2 opposing political leaders

The nation despairs watching the locking of horns between the Australian Prime Minister, Julia Gillard, and the Leader of the Opposition, Tony Abbott over really important matters of national interest like how to manage the growth of carbon emissions, how to humanely and sensitively deal with the arrival of migrants without visas and refugees, how to navigate the economy at a time of unprecedented chaos in markets. 

So, when I watched this clip on a matter of the utmost national importance….

<p>Measuring Up (3min, 27secs) from Graham Cousens on Vimeo.</p>

….I was hugely relieved to see, for once, they were unanimous and united on the criticality of CREATIVITY to our future, and the importance of investing in this capability. 

How have you nurtured creativity today? Your own? Your childrens? Your colleagues? Please share just one tiny thing….

Me? I wrote someone a thank you card. It was to a temporary PA who helped out while my regular PA was on annual holidays. In the card, I mentioned a few things that I thought was very special- like the way she joined in all the creativity workshops our team organises. For me, it was just a small gesture of appreciation….but her reaction was so huge that I was totally bewildered. With tears in her eyes she came to tell me how much she loved working in my team and if we EVER needed any help, just to say the word.  It was then that I recalled how entranced she was when we were acting out stories with crumpled brown paper fashioned into hand puppets and telling stories through the voices of the inner child…and I understood. 



  1. Great post, and a fantastic video and project. I can’t wait to hear their success stories. Not today, but just recently I nurtured creativity at home by cooking with my friends. There is no better place to get creative than in the kitchen! I held ‘make your own pizza’ night and all the ingredients were layed out and everyone had a chance to contribute to the combinations that ended up on our plate. A great fun end to the week for a fantastic bunch of people who work so hard to make their contribution to the world!

  2. Thanks Luke for sharing that- food is a wonderful way to be creative together! I used to run pizza nights for my children’s friends too on a similar basis- and we experimented with chocolate and marshmallows and all sorts of weird things! Think its time to revisit the idea!

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