Loyalty Card overload! Innovation required

Along with expensive CRM systems, every brand under the sun, including local chicken take-away shop,Pet-products, several coffee shops that I frequent all the way to 4 different airline programmes have been issuing me with loyalty cards….and somehow neither Marketing Departments nor wallet designers give any thought to how customers are meant to carry that many cards with them. Handbags are growing bigger and heavier as we carry more cards, more devices ( yes, no point to the handbag if it can’t fit my iPad thanks!) amongst the other stuff that women have to carry around….like the kitchen sink, and everything inbetween on behalf of all other family members. 

In a handbag clean-up tonight, I counted 51 of the plastic cards loyalty cards and a further 18 paper cards- and this did NOT include a driver’s license, Medicare, Private Health Fund,  2 credit cards and 3 ATM cards. There is no wallet/ purse that can hold all of these AS WELL AS coins and cash. 

So, if you’re in marketing….I just wanted to let you know….get ahead of the rest and give me a solution I don’t have to carry around in my wallet….can’t I just wave my mobile phone or something? 







  1. I’ve got two of these: Nektar and Costa Coffee. I’ve resisted all others because they do not give me a discount that I would use often enough. The Nektar card covers multiple shops. This worries me because my purchase history is recorded: ripe for data mining and targeted advertising.

  2. We’ve been looking into this for some time now and have devised a magical solution which would do away with the plastic card altogether. Both both retailer and consumer could effortlessly provide it without the need for a phone. You could, in fact, leave home without anything and still be able to exist in the real world without any technology or need for biometric scanners. You would collect your rewards and much more too.

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