Month: June 2011

Amplify Festival: Random tweets, observations, pics and videos shared

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One blogger’s take outs from the Amplify Festival speaker sessions

Enormous thanks and gratitude to Ralf Lippold, Blogger in residence, for this record and synthesis created of Amplify Festival 2011.  I am sure that Ralf’s prolific tweeting was a large contributor to our humble efforts resulted in us being the top trending hashtage on Twitter several times during the week!


Innovation from Amplify Festival for tracking the spread of ideas!


The Amplify Festival team designed and developed the Amplify Effect- a meme tracker that can follow how ideas from all your speakers, hashtags and RFID registrations are spread via the internet. It’s simple- just like you might hide a smiley or emoticon to a piece of text, you add a “badge” for an idea inspired by a speaker. Et voila!

Want to use this for your next conference? Contact amplify at amp dot com dot au