In the next 24 hours, I’ll be dead. Don’t send flowers. Instead…

In the next 24 hours, I’ll be dead …dead silent that is…and I just wanted to let you know why.

Together with my team at AMP, we have created the world’s first Smartphone famine as an innovative fundraiser for the Amplify Festival community project we are supporting- One laptop per Child.

So……don’t send me flowers when I’m dead!


Sponsor me for the 24 hour Smartphone famine for every hour I last without my smart phone. I’m planning to do 25 hours- so you could  start with a $25 pledge (or more if you are feeling generous) Click through to



We are silencing the airwaves, our twittering fingers, and cold-turkeyeing our digital addiction in a symbolic act of abstinence. Enforced reflection on the privilege of what connectedness means in our quest to raise money for “One laptop per Child” Australia. Our project goal is to equip every child in a classroom at Acacia Primary School outside Alice Springs in the Red Centre of the Australian Outback with their own connectivity- a  laptop.  We need to raise $14000, and I am hoping to raise $1000.

By way of reward, you can laugh at me on YouTube anticipating the lockdown of my phone from midday tomorrow for 24 hours, and dreading the consequences of what it feels like to be “disconnected” and unable to participate in the digital life and economy which we’ve come to take for granted. The digital divide is real, and in Australia 400 000 children are condemned to life in the slow lane – with disconnectedness and digital illiteracy a new poverty trap that they are unlikely to escape for every day they are left outside of the loop.

And in case you haven’t heard of Tiffany Shlain’ s “CONNECTED: The Film” that premiered at Sundance Festival earlier this year, its worth checking it out.  Here were here goals in making the movie:

  • Our goal is to start a global conversation about connectedness and interdependence in the 21st century.
  • We believe that by engaging people to talk about connectedness in their own lives and in the world, the ripple effect of these conversations will have far reaching impact.

So…will you help please?


Thanks…;-))) knew you would!

ANNALIE KILLIAN, Catalyst for Magic






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