Month: February 2011

Tales from the Metaverse: Do you have a social media story to share?

On 10 March, I have been asked to speak at the Australian Human Resources Industry’s HR Practices Day on how best to guide employee usage of Social Media in such a way that it’s a positive experience for both the employee and the company they are associated with. 

So…I thought the best way to prepare and represent a broad view of what its like for both brands and employees of companies is to ask you….the Twitterverse at large and my own connected community.  


Here are a few thought-starters that I’d love to have you commenting on?

( No need to leave incriminating details, but free to email me at maverickwoman at gmail dot com if you’d feel more comfortable than commenting over here. Either way, I am not so interested in naming and shaming, more a trend picture) 

  1. Do you maintain separate “personas” in your “social” online participation, eg a nom de plume or “handle” that is different from your professional online participation or real identity, eg your LinkedIn profile? If so….why? And do you think over time you might feel safer to merge these separate identities? 
  2. Do you have “formal” blessing for tweeting about your employer and work related activities? 
  3. Is there a policy at your work place that provides you with clear boundaries? 
  4. Are these boundaries draconian or unrealistic given the nature of social media or do they enable the spirit of openness, sharing, collaboration and transparency? 
  5. Do you fret that you will be punished if you make a mistake while learning the ropes or do you feel empowered, trusted and an extension of the goodwill and service of your company in the community? 
  6. Do you have any good news stories about a friend or colleague’s use of social media usage in a corporate context that encouraged or inspired you that you’d like to share?  Conversely, do you have any examples of an employee running into misfortune and serious issues for their use of social media that impacted a work/ corporate context that you could share?  Can you share these stories- in brief, or would you be happy for me to call you to probe the circumstances? 
  7. Do you feel proud of your organisation’s level of participation and sophistication in use of social media? Please explain why whether the answer is yes or no? 
  8. Are you aware of any customers using social media to talk about or to your company? Where are these conversations happening? 
  9. When you see your company discussed online, what do you do? 
  10. Anything else you may like to comment on? 

By the way, I am @maverickwoman on Twitter if you want to follow or send me a Direct Message (DM).  Thanks for your time!  




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