Month: December 2010

When human gestures, technology, imagination and art converges…for Christmas magic!


Cinimod Studio’s massive light and sound installation in Lima lets you play sorcerer’s apprentice for a day.

Lima, Peru, totally has the year’s best Christmas display. Spread over a vast public square, DJ Light is a freshly built art installation that lets visitors conduct their own tripped-out, mind-screwy light and sound shows with nothing more than a wave of the hand. Candy ravers everywhere just swallowed their pacifiers.


The installation was designed by UK techie gurus Cinimod Studio for the Christmas festivities of the energy company Endesa, and it’s made up of 85 giant inflatable light globes, each filled with LED lights capable of displaying millions of colors.







To tweak the lights and music in real time, visitors mount a podium, then flap their arms like they’re doing Tai Chi. The key technology here is thermal detection. A heat-responsive camera over the podium tracks their movements, then dispatches those signals to custom-built audio and visual software.





Look at this thing! It’s as if Fantasia-era Mickey Mouse got a gig at the Love Parade, which is to say it’s pretty damn cool.



[Images courtesy of Cinimod Studio; hat tip to]




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