Give what you can: How one young artist is making a difference

“Everyone needs to be valued. Everyone has the potential to give something back.” – Diana Princess of Wales

And here’s proof she was right.

In the course of my 10 day campaign to make life a bit more bearable and dignified for homeless folks, not everyone gave money. Some gave none, but they still took the time to read my story, and retweet it or include it in a daily newsletter. I received a LOT of encouragement. 6560 views of my blogpost, 157 tweets and several beautiful comments.

Some gave lots of dollars, and some a little, like my 16 year old daughter who is studying Mandarin in Taiwan and living on only $3 a day after mismanaging her pocket money, gave $10!.

If you still want to make a contribution to our fundraiser, (one swag costs $68-00 but its ok to give what you can) please click here, then “Donate Now”. You can attach your donation to me, Annalie Killian, by selecting my name from the team drop down box. 

 And then, two guys from Dublin Ireland gave something of themselves. Their creativity. These two budding musicians wrote this song: Honest broken Man. Take a listen. 

This is the letter they sent me:

Hi Annalie

My name is Craig , 20 years old from Ireland. 

I’ve written songs and performed them from the young age of 12 and love doing so. 
I have always cared about what’s happening in the world and have always tried to help others when I get the opportunity. 
I love to make a difference and even if that difference is small , I hope it will all add up someday . 
Times are tough at the moment and everyone is moaning and arguing and complaining about how little money 
they have and how they have to sell their expensive cars or ONE of their houses. 

This made me mad when I walked down the street in Dublin one day and seen all the homeless out on the streets 
sleeping with nothing , freezing on their own , but yet not moaning that they have not got what we have.
They are grateful some of them for what little they have. We are in this modern age just greedy and care too much for material goods.

So it was then I decided to write this song , after chatting with a homeless man for a few hours outside 
a pub called “The Village” in Dublin. I realised that this guy was a real nice man , had a family, kids and 
was even trying to get back to college. He had degrees and was a brainy man. But he was out on the street 
because his wife had kicked him out. He did not drink or take drugs. That is why I wrote this song entitled, 
“honest broken man” to show not all homeless are drug takers or alcoholics. This image is stereotypical and 
depicted very wrong.

I hope this song will raise peoples awareness of the homeless and that we need to work 
together to help make a change. I am giveing all proceeds of this song to charity.
So if you would like to purchase it please just email me at
It will a donation only for the song , every little helps, and In a month at xmas I will give all proceeds to the homless shelters here.

Thanks again


Their band is called The Loose Connections. And, you heard their song first on this blog tonight. I do not know Craig, and would encourage him to team up with a payment site that would make it safer and easier for folks to buy his record so that the proceeds can be channelled to where he wants to see them go. 

But how awesome is it that they have invested hours in writing and recording a song, then putting together a video and taking the trouble to reach out to me all the way on the other side of the world in Australia? This is part of a trend we are seeing among the Millenials….its being studied in a project called #FutureofMoney by Futurist Venessa Miemis(speaking at Amplify Festival June 2011) who is looking at The Big Shift in attitudinal change to wealth and money and a deep reaction to the greed and lack of integrity by the leaders who have sold their future down the gurgler. 

Thank you Craig and The Loose Connections for inspiring me with your amazing gift. 

Below is more info about Craig and his band, The Loose Connections, and their YouTube channel if you want to check them out. 

(1 week ago)
So guys this is a sample of what honest broken man , our single will sound like when released a long side our cd!

We are trying to raise awareness with both this song and the video of all the many millions of homeless worldwide in the run up to Christmas. Think about them and how hard these winter nights can be for them.

Please rate comment and like and let us know what you think. It would be great if you could share this video with friends family n twitter facebook or blogs and help raise awareness. 

Thank you so much

(c) 2010 The Loose Connections – Honest broken man – 




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