How to catalyse magic through E 2.0 and the corporate intranet

Today, two members of my team and I hosted an onsite visit of the AMP intranet, specifically to talk about online collaboration, or Enterprise 2.0 if you must. How we design and deliver it technically, and how we bring it to life culturally.

The event was organised by the Ark Group- the brochure can be found here.  I did a brief introduction to the strategic thinking that underpins our approach and am sharing them here via the slide presentation below.

The role of the intranet in shaping culture and a high-performing, innovative organisation. What drove the need for change?”

ARK group collaboration site visit welcome and intro

The book I reference by way of a thinking framework is The Power of Pull by John HagellII, John Seely Brown and Lang Davison. The Fogg Behaviour Model can be found on the website of Dr BJ Fogg, founder of Stanford Persuasive Tech Lab – an awesome inspiration and friend.  
Part 2: Katy Sheppard, Communication Manager explained how we apply these tools to engage employees’ passion and build a high performance work environment. 
Arc collaboration September 2010

Part 3: Vernon Meyer, Intranet and Innovation Manager explained how we collaborate on design with users and execute our design thinking technically. Visit this Live Tour of our Intranet as presented during the 2010 IBF24 live Tour.
Thanks to the Ark Group for inviting AMP to participate, and thanks to attendees – feel free to leave your comments. 

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