The triumph of the human spirit

Those of you who know me personally will also know that I use the Catalyst for Magic as my job title because I so passionately believe in the magic of the human spirit and its unfathomable power. 

I often wonder, how is it that one man can strap a bomb to himself and kill himself and others for what seems to be very little real impact on the world, and another man who loses his arms in an accident can teach his feet to create the most beautiful music- and impact the world in a far greater way? 

This is going to be even bigger than Susan Boyle….do you agree? 



One comment

  1. Agreed. This is so inspiring. Especially the part where he says – I could either die quickly / insignificantly or enjoy life. I am so grateful for programs such as these for plucking out these wonderful, inspiring people from insignificance & sharing their stories with us.

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