AMP Social Media Cafe calendar

Here’s the Why 

Here’s the What

 AMP Social Media Cafes are informal learning events that I produce roughly once a month at AMP, as part of Catalysing Magic in a large enterprise. It was born out of theAMPLIFY09 Innovation & Thought Leadership Festival to maintain the momentum of conversations triggered by the Festival, create a safe space amongst peers and colleagues to learn about good practise and experiment with emerging social media platforms, cultivate interest in social media developments and how to apply it in a business context, and to foster a culture of greater internal dialogue and business connectivity. It usually attracts 60-80 people, though our “Twitter is NOT for dummies” session had more than a 100 attendees. 

Whilst it’s largely for AMP staff, and subject to speaker preferences or topics covered, we “share the love” with partners, customers or friends of AMP on an application basis if there is room available. Other sessions previously covered in AMP Social Media Cafes: 


Here’s the When and Who

Below is the programme for AMP Social Media Cafes ( #AMP_SMC) for the remainder of this year, but with an open invitation to Social Media Thought Leaders, Innovators and Entrepreneurs anywhere to feel free to approach me (@maverickwoman) if you have a social media concept or angle that you’d like to share with a business audience!  


26 August:Search, Sentiment & Semantics – featuring Joe Mclean of Leximancer and Andrew Reid of ViziSense

15 September: Freeways of the Future – will ubiquitous connectivity and pervasive internet access transform business?” with @PaulWallbank

27 January: Social platforms as Customer Support Centres with Simon Burke of IPScape and another large corporation (tbc)

The challenge…………should you choose to accept it, is to Nominate your favourite online talk of 2010! 

No idea where to look for best online talks? Apart from the usual suspects like YouTube and Vimeo, TEDTalks, try the TEDx series, try Fora.tvLIFT Conference, Aspen Ideas Festival, Picnic, H+, Poptech, Business Innovation Factory, and a list as long as my arm…feel free to add also your favourite conferences and “share your passion”. 

Which are your TOP online talks for the year 2010, and why…..(PLEASE INCLUDE LINKS where possible?)


  1. My top 3:1. Rachel Botsman – Collaborative Consumption Rachel points us to a community minded future, where we not only change what we consume but how we consume. She calls this collaborative lifestyle, where sharing is cool.2. Tony Hsieh on Delivering Happiness story on how creating a culture of happiness can create a path to profits, passion, and purpose. 3. Simon Sinek: How great leaders inspire action has a simple but powerful model for inspirational leadership all starting with a golden circle and the question "Why?". People buy not what you do but why you do it. Simon points us to a purpose driven future.What an inspiring and optimistic future where the high ground will go to those who favour purpose, collaboration and happiness. Awesome!

  2. via @rachelbotsman Thanks @My top talks of 2010: 1. Rachel Botsman 2. Tony Hsieh 3. Simon Sinek

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