OD on intelligence at TED Global 2010

The scary thing is… Even Annalie Killian can reach information saturation and sensory overload! Who would have thought that?

Maybe age is finally setting in, or maybe I am simply placing too high expectations on my ability to be “always on” – alert and productive for 18 HR shifts ( not that 18 hours of partying scares me!- it’s just this intoxicating intellectual juice that’s knocking me for a six! )

This trip is so full of ideas/ stimulation and creative triggers that in my “downtime”, I am feeling this hitherto unrecognised and unnamed need to sleep ( at worst) or veg out, not even checking or responding to my little dopamine rug, the uber-persistent Blackberry.

For a compulsively curious extreme extrovert, this is scary shit. Am I turning into my opposite in late life as some folks predict? Much as I wished to be “live-blogging” from the trenches, the combination of missing 5 hours of my life overnight due to some time -zone shift, coupled with waking up at sparrow’s f..t to make it to a breakfast meeting, has made all the difference.

The thing is: The mind needs it’s processing and synthesis time for clarity and Eureka! moments. Without processing time,  everything just flow into each other in a muddy blur that cannot separate the gold.  Maybe I’ll do a TED talk on that some day!

Sounds simple…..yes? Easy to do? I think not! Such is the stuff of contemplating how you spend your time!


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