Day 3 update fr Aspen Ideas Festival: the industrial age model is broken

Last night at Aspen, day 3 was a day of creative renaissance, new orders, new models, new paradigms and passion zones. It is clear that our systems of education and job creation and skills are mismatched for this economy. Richard Florida did make sense and is an awesome storyteller with his Sopranos style upbringing in New Jersey- it helps to make him credible when talking creative urgencies. Sir Ken Robinson- the epitomity of British wit and timing that delivers with great clarity and delightful stories – wonder if hestudied stand-up comedy at some time of his life- he could make a living that way! I nearly screamed with laughter when heeded with a video of the Blue Man Group- it’s an inside joke that I can’t share here but I will try and upload a copy! Also a bit of mimicry but it got too geeky for me at the end , then storytelling-in 3D with founder of , Jeffrey Katzenberg- who apparently sucks at playing games himself but he loves to watch!  


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