Update Day 2 from Aspen Ideas Festival 2010

Well, can’t believe that I was converted from fearful skeptic to believer that the new nuclear energy is the right safe and clean answer for meeting our future energy needs in a way that’s friendliest to humans and planet- by a veteran environmental scientist and author if the Whole Earth Catalogue, none other than Steward Brand. Get his book ” the Whole Earth Discipline”, also Cambridge UK physicist David Mackay: “Sustainable Energy without the hot air.” and NASA Climatologist James Hansen’s book: “Storms of my grandchildren” . Carbon energy is much more toxic to all life on the planet than nuclear. We must get the facts and make decisions that way.  Also enjoyed David Kirkpatrick’s talk on The Facebook Effect. Big aha moment was that facebook is building an Internet scale infrastructure and utility- not a social network. Then got to speak to Twitter founders Biz Stone and Evan Williams and invited the founders of one of the world’s largest news networks to come to Amplify festival in Sydney in June next year!


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