Updates from the Aspen Ideas Festival 2010

End of Day 1 at Aspen Ideas Festival. Niall Ferguson, financial historian ( Pommie guy lecturing at Harvard Business School) & Mort Zuckerman were interesting, but hardly anything surprising or new thinking. The key theme was Reduce Debt! Reduce Debt! Reduce Debt! Profound was @gregmortenson author of Three Cups of Tea & Stones into Schools. He is a humble man, & supreme storyteller. Predict a Nobel Peace prize for him someday soon. He has not visited Australia yet but seeing our previous government committed us to this war also and Aussies are also still dying over there, i’d love to find sponsoring partners to bring him to Amplify Festival in Australia next year. His amazing insights and track record of how to build peace through education, especially the education of women, can help us save lives on all sides, let alone billions in taxes to fund bombs and bullets which would make a greater difference if channeled into classrooms and books. Other snippets from Day 1: 2007-2010 is when Mother Nature and the Market both hit the wall and said: ” You are growing in an unsustainable way; this is your warning heart attack. Turn your habits around NOW! ~ Thomas Friedman, Aspen Ideas Festival, 2010 From the Big Idea session at Aspen Ideas Festival: The future of free speech will not be determined by the constitution or the government or a justice of the Supreme Court, but by the executives running Google, Facebook, Comcast who decide what gets taken down, what Gershwin shown. How will they use this power wisely? ~ Prof Jeffrey Rosen, Law professor at George Washington University


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