Innovating the presentation

Great speakers hold the power to captivate and inspire. This collection highlights speakers who go one step further — and innovate on the form itself.

Doctor and researcher Hans Rosling‘s eye-catching statistics don’t stand still: they mutate, morph and crackle with color. Medical illustrator David Bolinsky takes us into the nano-scale workings of living cells with animated computer graphics that mesmerize. And Internet art wizard Jonathan Harris‘ ongoing study of emotion in the blogosphere turns web stories into sunrays, whirlpools and fireworks.

Don’t miss Blaise Aguera y Arcas‘ debut of Photosynth, an astonishing web application that can recognize the content of photographs and stitch them into three-dimensional tapestries. And make sure to catch computer scientist Jeff Han‘s enthusiastic demo of his new multi-touch user interface — it will change the way we interact with computers.

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One of the reasons I undertake an international research tour every 2nd year is not only to source great speakers for the AMPLIFY Innovation & Thought Leadership Festival, but to in fact look for innovation on the theme of conferences, presentation, human interaction and knowledge transfer, storyteling and capturing the imagination. Whilst AMPLIFY is delivered at a fraction of the cost of the most of the events I attend, its often not the copying of ideas as much as the re-imaginaging of what could be that I find most valuable- and in translating these ideas into reality on a shoestring budget.

There is something perversely pleasurable about creating a HUGE WOW effect with minimal resources- its the realm of magic…supernatural powers, and I thrive on it. ( Bit like finding a genuine Chanel handbag in a second hand shop in the backwaters of a little country town for $50, when you know its worth around $3000!)


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