It’s World Creativity Week! Here’s some inspiration to act…

“In the left side of our brain sits a strict referee sorting all our thoughts. He sorts correct and wrong. He has no creativity or sense of humor. Example, what is a cow. Animal on a field eating grass. Correct. Lightsaber swinging jedi animal with jugs squirting pink beer and singing gangster rap. Wrong, thought discarded. Kick him out, have some fun. Dare to be wrong, and ridiculed by the silly referees out there. Dare to play.”~ This was the highest rated comment on a YouTube clip about creativity- by user hjernevasket  3 


World Creativity week was started by Marci Segal in Toronto on the anniversary of Leonardo da Vinci’s birthday 15 April, and now its celebrated in 46 countries. Anyone can participate- and contribute your celebration to the wiki. See

By way of inspiration- here are a few pits of content I thought I will share! 

Tom Peters 

Dan Pink
Tim Brown at TED: The powerful link between creativity and play

Unmanaging and unleashing your creative beast

Let’s face it….You’re creative!’re-Creative

Life is about invention, not survival.

We are here to create, not to defend.
Out beyond the shadows of darwinistic thought,
a wholly different world appears.
A world that delights in explorations.
A world that makes it up as it goes along.
A world that welcomes us into the exploration
as good partners.- Margaret Wheatley

In a creative organization, everyone in the
organization feels compelled to be alert,
seeking out new measures, new events to observe.
Our consciousness expands as we become willing
to question even our processes of observation.
Consciousness and creativity are inextricably
linked in this always discovering world.

Organizations keep searching for ties that bind them
–new incentives, rewards, punishments.
But organizations could accomplish
so much more if they relied on the passion
evoked when we connect to others, purpose to purpose.

Until the system forms, we have very limited
knowledge of what might emerge.
The only way to know a system is to play with it.
Instead of defining what’s right for a system
and then struggling to impose it,
we learn to say, “Let’s see.”


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