Man’s search for meaning continues: Volunteering, stories, impact.

Check out this website I found at Its called Volunteer Nation- a new media series exploring dynamic social innovators and the organisations they create, and the volunteers they serve. 

After the brilliant contribution that Dr BJ Fogg, founder of the Stanford Persuasive Technologies Lab made at AMPLIFY09 which was themed “Convergence and Emergence”, I simply HAVE to look up Prof Jennifer Aaker when I go to San Francisco mid-year and see if we can persuade her to come to OZ for AMPLIFY 2011, which will be themed: “Everything Connects”.

Even more fitting given that for 201, I have designed a large-scale project at work which will have teams self-selecting, creating and self-managing projects “to make a difference”. This includes volunteering for social good, and will culminate in a storytelling event at year-end where all participants will be invited to share their stories about how the initiatives they created or collaborated on, made a difference to a customer, a work scenario or a social issue.  Storytelling is a core competency we have been actively nurturing for leaders since 2007, an employee Film Festival in 2008 and Story Slams as part of the Creativity Tapas for AMPLIFY09. 



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