An “everything is miscellaneous” blogpost


One of the best features of Twitter is its ease of sharing and ubquity of access- via just about any device anywhere anytime- so since its invention, I have pretty much abandoned the torture of trying to maintain a regular blog- I simply don’t have a spare few hours every day to blog and cultivate an audience. Yet, I use Twitter often as a “Note to self” tool and generally, only share or tweet content that I deem to have value in some or other area of my personal or professional life or that I think others who follow me- some 3700 – may also find of interest. 

The downside is that Twitter does not store these tweets for long, so as a “notebook” that one might want to search or refer back to over time- its pretty useless. 

This past weekend was a particularly rich one for me on a few things that I’d like to document for later reference/ speechmaking/ bookwriting and yes, sharing in a more than fleeting way- so I decided to set up a posterous blog and keep some of my tweets here for reference purposes. You may / may not find this useful or meaningful- but its not necessarily intended as a coherent post for a reader’s purposes- so …sorry, I am acting out of self-interest in this instance- and it’s a bonus if you find it useful too! (Though feel free to drop me a line if you do…that would be interesting!)

So- herewith @maverickwoman‘s tweets which defy classification, like the futile discipline of “Knowledge Management” which I have been attempting to herd like cats for years! The futility of classification upon content creation vs filtering upon consumption is a core message that I began to fully grasp this weekend- and the reason for trying to capture my serendipitous discoveries here!

  1. Reading @dweinberger “Everything is Miscellaneous”. His aggregated web presence- very neat and tidy and choc-full of miscellany!
  2. Hugh Mcleod aka @gapingvoid‘s Hughtrain marketing manifesto in the light of the stories of how he used Social Media to catapult an obscure South African wine, Stormhoek, into an iconic brand for the geek elite of the world….(geek elite= world’s wealthiest and most influential people) 
  3. America’s 25 Most inspiring entrepreneurs according to Inc.
  4. From the delightful man behind the book “Predictably Irrational” – Dan Ariely, on why businesses fail to execute on experimentation (I can confirm that!). He is no goofball. He is a Professor of Behavioural Economics at my beloved MIT. 
  5. Skills needed to integrate old media with new media and be relevant.
  6. Learn Mandarin to be relevant on a global scale 
  7. Viral creativity- the Lady Gaga multiplier effect. 

Trialling @eclschool for Skype-based Mandarin lessons for myself and the cubs

This is going to go BIG! Kids remixing video of Lady Gaga and Beyonce’s Telephone.Fantastic effort and retweeted by @ladygaga herself.Views were 13000 when I picked Lady Gaga’s tweet up, bet its

113000 in the next 24 hours! ! (I checked just then- now standingat 89000 and climbing in front of my very eyes! 

Tip! To grow a global mindset RT @EverywhereTrip: Set your default view of from US to International. Makes a big difference

RT @tom_peters: Tweet: Do it because you can say a lot in 140 characters if you get your shit together.

If u want to b relevant, u have to make time for yr daily physical exercise + NOW THIS!,of course, is optional! Are you? Today’s best PR+Communication professionals are versed in BOTH Old Media AND New media. #yam

#Predictive_markets @pgloor-RT @digitalwaveride: Twitter feeds predict with 97.3% accuracy how a movie will perform

Multiple generations at work? Then read this: When generations collide at work:

Desperate times call for desperate measures. Simply had to crack open the 1999 Gosset Grand Millesime

Why businesses don’t experiment, rather pay consultants $$$$ for canned advice! #yam“innovationculture”

America’s 25 most inspiring entrepreneurs their stories are worth every minute you spend on this

Impressive leadership interview with a game-changing entrepreneur, Scott Cook, co-founder Intuit

@hollingsworth for your foodblog you must read this story then watch this !Having read this woman’s story, want to leap on a plane to meet her,party in her restaurant +invite her to Australia

Is your business still dismissing this Facebook thing as teenager fluff? Then its time for a reality check 3yam

Nirvana for Republicans! RT @iA: Hate taxes? Hate the government? You’ll love this country:

Want to discover something remarkable? Go to– a unique identifier for items craftpeople create. #internetofthings

Have 2msgs for David Weinberger: pls come + guide our thinking at #AMPLIFY Festival in 2011, + get a Miele dishwasher with a cutlery tray!  FINALLY found the language+logic to articulate why Knowledge Management is a total failure! Everything is miscellaneous! Thnx D Weinberger!I am immersed in Alphabetization and its discontents with David Weinberger at The Oaks. (he is of course virtually with me- via his book “Everything is miscellaneous”) Love example of customer-centric data-driven experiments+analytics used by

If you work in business strategy or thinking about the future, I recommend u read “Everything is miscellaneous”. Same author as Cluetrain

I say by fone! RT @MadanRao: eLearning Africa 2010 debate: Will Africa Learn by Mobile Phone or by Desktop Computer?

Chilling at home-finally getting around to setting up a posterous blog (@ Balmoral Castle)

For our Social Media experiment at AMP Social Media Cafe on 22 April, we are trialling a live “Twaste-up” of @HungerfordHill wines to monitor the impact on followers and track wine sales resulting from this exercise. (Would have been better if USA was awake!) . The Chairman, James Kirkby @Hh_winedog is a remarkably open and adventurous man for his age….were it if only our executives were this keen to trial things and take risks! @hollingsworth @winewithoutbs read stormhoek blog a fascinating history of Soc Media dating back to 2005 and

Signing off now- Sydney has been invaded by a plaque of tiny mosquitoes out of just nowhere! Ouch…damn! 



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