Obama way ahead of business leaders

I know I am not the only technology innovation strategist who fights daily for allowing employees to use social media technologies as part of their work.  (And here is the proof that its becoming accepted as mainstream)

And I am certain I am not the only social media champion who has been agitating for YEARS (at least 3 in fact) to convince our business leaders to embrace social media, blogs, twitter and channels like YouTube to talk directly to our employees, customer base, targeted talent and broader audiences. 

And I am also sure I am NOT the only one whose messages fall on ears that won’t hear.  I have even used Obama as early as 2 years ago as a case study…but back then, folks were saying…”Obama who?”.

And here we are today.

Not only did this perceptive and technology-savvy guy (first who will be appointing a CTO to his staff) defy all odds to become president-elect of the USA, but while he is still in the wings waiting for the chair to be vacated, he has already launched his first of weekly addresses to the nation (and the WHOLE WORLD!) through his own direct voice and medium on Youtube….unfiltered by any journalist, controlling his message 100%.

If anyone still doubts the genius of this leader….you are a fool. Business leaders of Australia and the world, you ignore this trend at your peril and you WILL be disrupted forever. 



  1. You have great valid points and I believe that there is an interesting narrative to what you describe on business leaders not embracing new ideas (or leadership from a newer generation).

    Sometimes sheer fear is encapsulated in the inaction to embrace ever present change. Innovation and Creativity will always sprout, pretending that with one finger you will stop the sunlight from creating the necessary photosynthesis may prove futile specially when the ground is fertile and welcoming to foster, root and take hold of the winds to come.

    Your finger, may however cast a shadow and you may risk that to be your legacy and not your forte.

    This cross-generational, cross-cultural inflection point is an interesting opportunity to prepare the Millennial Generation in their leadership skills by coaching lessons learned across geographies, shared history and common humanity.

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